Candidate seeking our 2012 endorsement, must submit information here.

Summary of Endorsement Rules and Procedures

  • The Alameda County Democratic Party (ACDP) only endorses Democrats
  • The ACDP does not endorse more candidates than seats to be filled
  • Candidates are placed on consent by two-thirds vote of the full membership of the Screening Committee
  • To be considered for endorsement, a candidate must be placed on consent or be nominated for endorsement by a member of the Central Committee
  • Any member of the Central Committee may pull a candidate from consent
  • Candidates must be nominated for endorsement or pulled from consent no later than seven days before the Endorsement Meeting
  • Voting on candidates pulled from consent or nominated by members will occur at the Endorsement Meeting
  • Endorsement is by consent, or by 60% vote of the members present and voting at the Endorsement Meeting
  • You can read our Bylaws regarding edorsements here