For information on the Alameda County Democratic Party's 2014 endorsement process and schedule, see our Primary Election Endorsement Process.

The Alameda County Democratic Party endorsed the following candidates and measures for the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election.


Barack Obama

US Senate

Dianne Feinstein


CD13 Barbara Lee

CD15 Pete Stark

CD17 Mike Honda

State Senate

SD07 Mark DeSaulnier

SD09 Loni Hancock

State Assembly

AD15 Nancy Skinner

AD16 Joan Buchanan

AD18 Rob Bonta

AD20 Bill Quirk

AD25 Bob Wieckowski

Dist. 2 (short term) – Hon. Richard Valle

Alameda Councilmember – Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Jeff Cambra

Albany Councilmember – Hon. Peggy Thomsen, Peter Maass, Nick Pilch

Albany Treasurer – Hon. Kim Denton

Berkeley Mayor – Hon. Tom Bates

Berkeley Councilmember – Dist. 2, Hon. Darryl Moore; Dist. 3, Hon. Max Anderson; Dist. 5,
Hon. Laurie Capitelli; Dist. 6, Hon. Susan Wengraf

Berkeley Rent Stab. Bd. Comm. – Hon. Asa Dodsworth, Hon. Igor Tregub, Alejandro

Dublin Mayor – Hon. Tim Sbranti

Fremont Mayor – Hon. Bill Harrison

Fremont Councilmember – Hon. Suzanne Chan, Vinnie Bacon

Oakland City Attorney – Hon. Barbara Parker

Oakland Councilmember– At-large, Hon. Rebecca Kaplan; Dist. 1, Daniel Kalb; Dist. 5,
 Mario Juarez; Dist. 7, Hon. Larry Reid

Pleasanton Mayor – Hon. Cheryl Cook-Kallio

Pleasanton Councilmember – Erlene DeMarcus

San Leandro Councilmember – Dist. 2, Hon. Ursula Reed; Dist. 6, Hon. Jim Prola

Union City Councilmember – Hon. Jim Navarro

Chabot-Las Positas CCD Trustee – Area 1, Hon. Marshall Mitzman; Area 3, Hon. Arnulfo 
Cedillo; Area 5, Hon. Carlo Vecchiarelli; Area 7, Hon. Barbara Mertes

Ohlone CCD Trustee - Area 1 (short term), Hon. Vivien Larsen

Ohlone CCD Trustee Area 2 – Hon. Greg Bonaccorsi, Hon. Teresa Cox, Kevin Bristow

Peralta CCD Trustee – Area 1, Hon. Bill Withrow; Area 2, Meredith Brown; Area 4, Hon. 
Nicky Gonzales Yuen; Area 6, Hon. Cy Gulassa

Alameda USD Director – Hon. Patricia Spencer, Barbara Kahn

Albany USD Director – Hon. Patricia Low, Hon. Ron Rosenbaum-more
Berkeley USD Director – Hon. Beatriz Levya-Cutler, Judy Appel
Castro Valley USD Director – Hon. John Barbieri, Hon. Jo A. S. Loss, Charmaine Banther

Dublin USD Director – Hon. Amy Miller

Fremont USD Director – Desrie Campbell, Hon. Ann Crosbie, Reshma Karipineni

Hayward USD Director – Sara Lamnin, John Taylor, Annette Walker

Livermore Valley Joint USD Director – Thomas McLaughlin

New Haven USD Director – Hon. Michael Ritchie

Newark USD Director – Hon. Jan Crocker, Hon. Ray Rodriguez

Oakland USD Director – Dist. 1, Hon. Jody London; Dist. 3, Richard Fuentes; Dist. 5, Mike 
Hutchinson; Dist. 7, Hon. Alice Spearman

San Leandro USD Director – At-large, Jason Toro; Dist. 1, Corina Lopez; Dist. 3, Vince
 Rosato; Dist. 5, Hon. Diana Prola

San Lorenzo USD Director – Penny Peck, Syed “Tony” Shah

A.C. Transit Director – At-large, Hon. H. E. Christian Peeples; Ward 1, Hon. Joe L. Wallace;
 Ward 2, Hon. Greg Harper

Alameda County Water District Director – Hon. Marty Koller
BART Director – Dist. 3, Rebecca Saltzman; Dist. 5, Hon. John McPartland; Dist. 7, Maria
Castro Valley Sanitary District Director – Hon. Daniel M. Akagi, Hon. Timothy McGowan,
 Hon. David Sadoff

City of Alameda Health District Director – Hon. Jordan Battani, Hon. J. Michael McCormick

East Bay MUD Director – Ward 5, Hon. Doug Linney; Ward 6, Hon. William B. Patterson

East Bay Regional Park District Director – Ward 1, Hon. Whitney Dotson; Ward 2, Hon. John
Sutter; Ward 4, Hon. Doug Siden

Eden Township Healthcare District Director – Vinod Sawhney

Hayward Area Recreation & Park District Director – Hon. Louis M. Andrade, Hon. Minane
Jameson, Hon. Dennis Waespi

Livermore Area Recreation & Park District Director – Hon. Beth Wilson
Oro Loma Sanitary District Director – Shelia Young

Washington Township Health District Director – Hon. Pat Danielson

These are the only official Democratic Party local candidate endorsements in Alameda County for the November 6 election and have been made under authority granted to the local Democratic Party by the California Democratic Party.

State Ballot Measures

Yes on Proposition 30
Protects funding for schools and local public safety 

No on Proposition 31
Locks California into permanent underfunding of education, health, and other vital services

No on Proposition 32

Creates special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs allowing them to buy elections

No on Proposition 33

Auto insurance rate hike

Yes on Proposition 34

Repeals death penalty and replaces with life without parole

Yes on Proposition 35

Increases penalties for human trafficking

Yes on Proposition 36

Reforms "Three Strikes" law

Yes on Proposition 37

Labeling of genetically engineered foods

No on Proposition 38

Munger initiative

Yes on Proposition 39

Adjusts taxes for multi-state corporations to fund clean energy programs

Yes on Proposition 40

Referendum on State Senate district boundaries

Local Ballot Measures

Measure A1: Alameda County Oakland Zoo Parcel Tax

Measure B1: Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax

Measure D: City of Alameda Parks Charter Amendment

Measure F: City of Albany Temporary Half-Cent Sales Tax

Measure I: Chabot-Las Positas CCD Temporary Parcel Tax for Education

Measure J: Oakland USD School Facilities Bond

Measure K: Ohlone CCD Elect Board by Trustee Area

Measure L: San Leandro USD Temporary Parcel Tax for Education

Measure M: City of Berkeley Street & Water Quality Improvement Bond

Measure N: City of Berkeley City Pools Master Plan Bond

Measure O: City of Berkeley Pools Operation/Maintenance Parcel Tax

Measure P: City of Berkeley Expenditure of Approved Tax Revenues

Measure Q: City of Berkeley Update Utility Users Tax

Measure R: City of Berkeley Council Redistricting Charter Amendment

Measure S: City of Berkeley “Civil Sidewalks” Ordinance
No position

Measure T: City of Berkeley West Berkeley Zoning Amendments

Measure U: City of Berkeley “Sunshine” Ordinance

Measure V: City of Berkeley “FACTS” Ordinance

Measure W: City of Livermore Change City Council Election Dates

Measure X: City of Livermore Change City Council Election Dates – Alt.

Measure Y: City of Piedmont Extend Current Parcel Tax

Measure Z: Washington Twp. HCD Facilities Expansion and Upgrade Bond